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06-30-2015, 09:33 AM
Hello there Invasion Community,
I wanted to make an important suggestion about the Event Announcer called System.

*What's the problem? Spam
We all hate missing some messages we weren't online to read on Guild Chat. Scrolling up let us see them. But System is making it more painful when it's announcing player events every second.
The chat is filled with System Event announcements. Kinda hard to communicate with other members of your guild.

Most important, disable that Occupy Announcer!
My guild has too many people occupying land and guess what* Chat is full of Occupy Announces.

* What can i do for you?
We need an On-Off Toggle and full System customization option (Preferably on Guild > Manage tab) where we can turn on-off (tick-untick) features like:
- Occupy Announces (Major Spam)
- Join-Quit Announces (It's very useful, though. Most people will keep it enabled.)
- HQ Upgrade Announces (It's ok. Nobody is upgrading every 1 minute. Not spammy.)
- Whatever the System Announces.

Thank you very much,

06-30-2015, 09:43 AM
Super i couldnt agree more...this feature is very annoying especially when u are trying to teach people things and its interrupts u

06-30-2015, 12:09 PM
Great idea nicly polished.

In beta there was allso a message when some one left the guild.

06-30-2015, 06:14 PM
Thank you guys. I hope a Dev sees this thread because it's really needed.
The "Player Quit" announcement is on official release too.

07-01-2015, 07:26 AM
My guild uses the new group chat. You dont like the Guild Chat anymore? Just utilize your option to create a new one. :)
You can also create one with just leadership.