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Brock Dunnet
09-09-2015, 09:16 AM
From my experience over the past few months as a guild leader of a near capacity active guild and creating a jump guild to a new zone. I have had a lot of thoughts that in my opinion could help the game and players of all types.

Here goes and in no particular order...

1. Collect All button for Daily and Guild missions, added with the consisting VIP level.

2. Increase the rankings that get a prize at the end of a solo or guild event. Top250

3. Message All feature for R4 rank members that only R4 and R5 can use.

4. Option to toggle which ranks in guild can Mail All.

5. Guild Taskboard - So R4 & R5 can post tasks for members to complete for example a task to occupy a set amount of tiles or a task to gather rss. Add an option to set a reward for members who complete the task with guild bank rss or coins as an incentive. Upon completion of the task the reward is automatically sent.

6. A larger range of ranks for guilds for example R1 to R8. Making leader R8 and R4s would then be R7s. This would help a lot with mergers and designating roles through ranks.

7. Increasing Daily rewards with Commander level. For example at commander level 50 a 1K Food boost for talking in general chat is pretty pointless.

8. Be able to zoom out more on the map.

9. Commander 30+ chat to go with general and guild chat.

10. More Avatars and Colours for guilds to select.

11. 4 character tags and a couple of characters onto the guild name maximum now that the game has grown a lot.

12. Remove auto-hive port.
Instead persuade them to get into guild chat and communicate with the guild for coords. In new zones in an open guild all the newbies pile around leader and most are kicked for being inactive days later causing a problem with all newbie accounts surrounding the hive of active members.
Could also mention reading the profile and introducing themselves in guild chat.

13. Guild Stats - I'm sure every leader would love to be able to see the guild growth like a governor gets stats on the zone.
It would make it a lot easier to work out how much of each rss is in the territory and monitor guild activity.

14. Most zones have a problem with rss tiles not being gathered completely and a lot of players can't be bothered to tidy them up.
I suggest adding a feature were a March can be sent to multiple rss tiles in a chain.
For example I send it to an oil rss like normal but it has 3K rss, so I then select another rss and press (for example) link gather which then allows me to choose a camp which is already gathering.
This would make it possible for players to setup a route for a single march to follow until its unit load is full. So that cleaning up the low rss tiles isn't so painful.

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Brandon Garrett
09-19-2015, 10:53 AM
I agree with you but I would also add that there's a limit on attacking like for example: someone 2m in power can't attack someone that's 600k a cut off where u can't attack someone that's a lot weaker then u