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07-11-2015, 07:48 PM
Hello Commanders,

Before I get started, please could I get this thread Stickied as for permanent use for new players!

Recently as you may be aware, I have set up a fansite for Invasion and hopefully to provide all the tools and guides players need to be using it on a regular basis.

For you new players and maybe some oldies here are a few guides!

Note, not all these guides are by myself and may be used from the Invasion forum or submitted from other players on the Invasion4You Fansite (http://invasion4you.co.uk/).

Start Up Guide: [CLICK HERE] (http://invasion4you.co.uk/guide1.html)

War Simulator Guide: [CLICK HERE] (http://invasion4you.co.uk/guide2.html)

Rebel Approaching: [CLICK HERE] (http://invasion4you.co.uk/guide3.html)

Formations: [CLICK HERE] (http://invasion4you.co.uk/guide4.html)

Capturing a Commander: [CLICK HERE] (http://invasion4you.co.uk/guide5.html)

**I will be adding more and more guides as they are submitted**

[SUBMIT YOUR OWN GUIDE BY CLICKING HERE] (http://invasion4you.co.uk/yourguide.html)

Thanks for reading!