View Full Version : Server Optimization Announcement - 13th, July

07-13-2015, 07:32 AM

We will update our game server in 48 hours to optimize the display of region map and other details in the game. You don't have to update your client or reinstall the game, the optimization update will be loaded automatically when you are entering the game. :)

However, you might meet some small problems while or after loading the update, here's some solutions in case of emergency:

1. Losing account

If you logged into a new account instead of your original account, don't worry, your data is 100% safe, please try to log in with your account and password again.

① How to log in to multiple FaceBook accounts:
✦Step 1✦ Open Facebook App(if you don't have, then open Facebook website) and LOG OUT your current account.
✦Step 2✦ Open Invasion, click "More", "Account" and choose Facebook login. Then a Facebook login page will pop up, and you just need to log in the right Facebook account by clicking "Log Into Another Account" in the bottom of the page. You will be automatically lead into the game with the game account binding to this Facebook account.

② If you lost your unbind account:
Please contact customer support team for further help by clicking in-game "More" - "Contact Us" - "Customer Support".

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2. Reloading images

If you find your in-game images are reloading after the update, it's one of the normal situation you might encounter. Please be patient with it, the images will automatically reload soon.

3. Can't log in (Loading error)

If you can't log into the game with a error notification on the loading page, please try to check your internet and log in again.
If you steel can't log in, feel free to contact our support team by clicking "Can't Login?" in the top left corner of the screen.

Thank you for your support! :)