View Full Version : Some suggestions

07-20-2015, 02:48 PM
I have a few suggestions which I'll just list here

1-The monument can house billions of troops while other guilds cannot attack it even if they send a rally which is at max capacity. Please add a unit limit to the monuments and if possible to bases as well so extra troops cannot be hoarded and both sides have an equal chance of winning or loosing. Prevents one sidedness in the game.

2-Add an election feature where people from the server get to choose who gets to be the next guild that holds the government. This will help remove abusive guilds from the government without any needless help or contacting being required from the developers.

3-Add a feature where guilds get the option to actually forge an alliance or to officially wage war or enimity with other guilds and make a separate tab where players can go and see the current allies or enemies. It would be great too if this feature could actually appear on the map and other players appear as enemies or allies.

4-This might be a bit complex but adding a Spector feature would be nice. Where guilds can set up different sectors officially which can be seen by the players of that guild and the option to appoint sector commanders and other related ranks.

5-Add a feature which can tell us which resource tile is closer to us. It would be like a search engine but for resource tiles near the players base. Player can also choose which resource he or she is searching for.

6-A feature should be there there that shows who's online and who's not(guild players) and it should be accessible to everyone.

If I come up with other ideas I will tell you guys but please do something about the first two suggestions as they are very important and require more attention. Apart from that, great work on the game. Love it a lot.