View Full Version : Zone Government PvP

Joshua Popchoke
07-24-2015, 07:53 PM
I do have a question and it was brought up in game. I've noticed that many zone governments hang on through the use of wallet warriors. Guys who can throw down thousands of dollars at a time. My question is can we have a system allotment put on the amount of diamonds that can be spent when governmental PvP starts on everyone? You will still get your money but this would allow other high power guilds to contest for governmental position and actually have a chance. For example: say you can spend only 1k diamonds per user during the event. This would still enable people to buy diamonds but also give the other guilds a chance at actually contesting for government. Not saying nerf it, but at least give other guilds a chance. In Zone 39 for one example we have FsU. FsU overpowered Alpha Empire, with nothing more than wallet warriors. No skill, little players etc. Now had they not been able to rely on wallet warriors it would have forced them to have to seek allies (which is crucial in war) rather than pay to the top. Now they hang onto the position because nobody can challenge them owing to the fact they have at least 3 high power players who can throw down thousands of dollars at a whack and I'm sorry but not everyone has jobs that allow them to do that. So in a sense you are allowing only the rich to benefit off your game. All that this is asking is that you at least allow others to have the opportunity to contest for government...without giving it to them. This would mean guilds would need a strong stockpile, strong allies, strong members, skill, no what they are doing etc. Now stronger guilds will still win easily, but it would be down to a contest of skill and numbers (which is how war is fought) win as opposed to "let me attack you, then throw down $20, attack you again until you are destroyed, then throw down $10+ for a shield so I cant be attacked." etc this is just my honest opinion