View Full Version : Servers Down for Update 1.27.0

11-22-2015, 07:44 AM
Dear Commanders,

We will be carrying out a game update on Nov. 23 from 05:00 - 09:00 UTC, during which time you will be unable to play the game.

1.27.0 Updated Content:

- Added Zone vs Zone cross server battle gameplay
- Added Guild Super Mine gameplay
- Added new items: Troop production speed-ups
- Now supports Facebook avatars as Commander avatars
- Optimized music quality and the speed for sending and receiving voice chats
- Added more game help materials
- Building names can be displayed in the base.
- Optimized Officer recruitment hints in the Military School
- Optimized building unlock hints
- Optimized Rally and Defend report display
- Fixed some crash Bugs, improved the stability of the game
- Added a "report" function to the chat messages

1. When Zone vs Zone goes online, we will first pick some zones to test this feature, then it will be open for all zones.
2. Zone vs Zone is divided into two phases, the first phase is Arms Race, during this phase, teleport across zones is not possible, this will give zones a certain preparation time. When the military forces in zones are prepared, PVP style Zone vs Zone will start, during this phrase, you will be able to teleport to other zones to battle.

Please login the game after the update and get update pack worth 7,000 diamonds in your Rewards Center, thank you for your support of the Invasion!

If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the game, please click "More" -> "Customer Service” and contact our support team.

Invasion High Command

Nov. 22nd 2015