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07-27-2015, 07:25 AM
The guild HQ is a building that each guild gets after the guild exceeds a certain amount of power, example 3 million power or more. This building can be only be used by high ranking members of a guild, rank 4s and of course rank 5s. these members can access the guild HQ and its buildings they can upgrade and start research in the HQ. The HQ can be upgraded to a max of 10 levels, each level unlocks a building or bonus that the guild can use. But to upgrade the HQ and build HQ buildings the guild needs to donate resources, everyone will need to pinch in. The HQ buildings are Lab, bank, Hover docks, missile silo, uranium mine, Advance radar station, and the HQ it self. The lab is where the guild researches boosts that the whole guild gets like 10% attack for the guild etc. The bank is where All the guilds donation Fund is, if another guild attacks some of the recourse will be protected there. The Hover docks are where Hover carries are built, more info later keep reading. The missile silo is where guild missiles are made more info later keep reading. The uranium mine is where uranium the guild gets its uranium this new recourse is used to make guild missiles and power the hover carriers, it is also used to upgrade and research. The HQ shows everything.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////guild missiles, are missiles that the guild can launch at other players. These missiles are extremely hard to make it takes a lot of recourses, and then take 10 days to make. The missiles effects are much weaker than the nuke instead of clearing out all the troops of a player like the nuke, it kills 25% and wounds another 25%. the guild missiles also puts a effect on the land like a nuke, but its only 30% food decreases. But the missile effects a smaller area and doesn't remove other guild land.//////The missile silo can only hold 10 guild missiles at level 10,and shields don't work if hit in the target zone //////////////////////Hover carriers, now you are thinking if everyone has missiles no one is save, will that is where Hover carries come in, the carries destroy Guild missiles in the carriers range so the Guild has to destroy the Hover carries before lunching anything. The carriers can be used by ranks 4 and 5 in a guild, once the carriers are made they can send them anywhere, to protect a area, or to attack players other HQs and other Carriers. once the carrier gets to its location it can start deploying units to attack or take land each carrier can send 10 march's at max level, But how does the carrier have troops well the guild has to donate troops to it, then the troops power will become the carriers power which will increase the whole guild power, but if a carrier isn't protected by troops, guilds can destroy the carrier, and the guild will lose power a guild can have a max of 5 carriers at max level Hover docks, this can change the way wars are fought out/////////////////////////But carriers cant protect everyone so the advance Radar station allows the making of Radar dish's which allows further protection, it also shows a new map that shows your guilds protected areas and your territory that isn't protected, this is the guilds defense grid, the map also shows other guilds defense grid,/

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