View Full Version : Zone Leaders [REQUEST]

07-27-2015, 08:32 PM
Hello Commanders!

As to take the Invasion fansite another step further it's time to step up our game.

We need some friendly volunteers from each and every zone to come forward and provide us a small amount of your time at the end of each week.

What you need to provide?
- Top 5 Players of your Zone with there powers, ranked in order.
- Top 5 Guilds of your Zone, with there powers again ranked in order.

Not Mandatory[Optional]
- Any additional guild gossip(Monument updates, war updates anything at all to do with your zone)


This information can be provided via email, or a PM on this forum, please anyone interested PM me first and we can see if you are the right person to take it up! And then we can go from there!

I appreciate any help MASSIVELY.

Invasion4You - www.invasion4you.co.uk