View Full Version : [wu9] WarriorsUnited2 is looking for 20-30 new players (Zone 34)

02-07-2016, 09:50 PM
We are a great family guild with loads of benefits to help the new player grow quickly and effectively.

Most of us are seasoned players, We rank #6 in Zone for power and growing.

We have Level 3 Research Center, with tier one close to max.

We have Constantly rotating Guild Mines so you can gather and stock pile safely.

We are the Sister guild to one half of the governing coalition of the zone.

And much much more!

If you are Headquarter 5 or below, apply in game and we will give you port location so you can join the hive.

If you are already in Z34 and looking for a new guild, send a message in game and we can chat.

If you are from outside the zone, here are our Zone and Guild rules before you apply:

[wu9] is run by council of myself & the R4's. Decisions are usually made by majority vote.

1- We have ZONE WIDE NAP except for Friday's 24 hour PVP. No attacking outside of that time. This is so we can prepare and dominate during ZoneVsZone. Also, we do NOT occupy tiles without consent from the other guild, this MUST be confirmed by myself or an R4.

2-We do not gather on tiles that we cannot finish. If you cannot finish the level 5's by our hive, seek out lower levels further out in the Zone.

3- We are a FAMILY. We help each other out. That is why we are hived. Be it the need to kill rebels, or get that last little bit of rss we need to start a building or research, etc.

4- Being part of the hive in not optional. If you want to rank up, and get wages, you must be in the hive.

5- The rss bank is for LARGE upgrades. HQ17+, T3 research, etc. We will make exceptions from time to time based on the circumstances. But this is not the general rule. We instead rely on each other for help and trade our resources freely with each other to grow and survive.

6- You are expected to participate in guild donations to both the GUILD BONUS & the RESEARCH CENTER. The donations to these buildings benefit EVERYONE in the guild.

7- It is highly recommended that if you do not already have the LINE app, that you get it & join us in the warrior room for offline communication. This is extremely helpful when the game crashes, or when we need to hash out strategy.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to message me, Bager, grimm, NightHawk, Wolf, or Justice. We are the Managing Council of wu9.


Dean Devink
02-12-2016, 09:16 PM
am i still welcome?

02-12-2016, 11:34 PM
am i still welcome?

yup! always!