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James Clemens
11-12-2017, 11:49 PM
I’m definitely a complainer. Hopefully my complaints are warranted. Whether they are glitches, misunderstandings, behaviors, etc, I will say something if it’s disrupting gameplay.

When I play chess, checkers,
or hide n seek, there are some established rules which everyone can base their gameplay upon. Unless it’s some new kind of game with new rules, everyone knows what to do in a fair way and develope their own strategy based upon the “established” way of results being delivered playing the game

Adding new features changes the game immensely, but it is something tap4 has a right to do. Some of us like it. Some of us don’t. This isn’t about new features

Some of us over the years have experienced a time where we placed in the top 10 of something...thinking we have rewards coming only to find out that we didn’t earn enough points for the rewards. Aggravating, but then again, “they were tap4’s rules. The infamous “we’re sorry commander” prefaced any attempts at some sort of compensation. A lot of us have come to realize that there usually isn’t going to be any compensation, AT ALL, if tap4 gets to show you “their established rules.” It is this way with all tap4 events. Even a minute straying from the rules, and the sorry replies abound.

Which is why I don’t understand why tap4 keeps changing the rules and dynamics for battle sequences, guild research, etc,. These are basic ingredients for the game play we’ve come to know.

Based upon established rules, many of us have spent mega time, money, speeds, diamonds, resources, boosts, ports, etc,.....based upon the game as it stood. New features aside, tap4 have and are changing the game as we play it.

Development of the game should mean “improvements and new features”. Not, a pawn can move 3 spaces now, you don’t get kinged on the other side of the board, and you have to sing loudly while I’m searching for you during hide n seek. Ha ha. Sorry I’m getting bored with typing. Hopefully you’re still with me

You’ve changed how rapid recovery packs get dispersed, you’ve changed how guilds can benefit from each other, and several other things. Why!?

Would someone else please chime in on this? Even if it’s a word or two.

THAT PEOPLE SPENT YEARS AND YEARS WORKING TOWARD! At the very least, if you want to do that sort of thing, then we all need a couple of years worth of diamonds back and as well as other “pay to play items” back.

Am I making any sense?

11-14-2017, 12:59 AM
Hi James :)

You're right, development of the game should mean improvements. I know tap is striving to resolve the issues we've been facing and I am hopeful that we will continue to see the efforts tap is making! Chats and game lag seem to have stabilized for the most part.

You definitely aren't the only one irritated with the guild boosts not crossing over. I have provided this feedback to tap. When I hear something back, I'll let you know

James Clemens
11-20-2017, 09:35 PM
Thankfully my zone maxed out on this new Munitions feature for tvt.


Why does tap continue to change the way the game is played?

Btw. Never heard from one of the developers on game evolvement. They must be too busy changing things

11-20-2017, 11:47 PM
Hey James,

I beg to differ. Arms race prizes were available for anyone regardless of if they had contributed or not. Players who pulled most of the weight don't really collect the prizes.

This way, players who put in effort will be rewarded appropriately. And the zone benefits as a whole, but it benefits those who participate in TvT. So, basically, the prizes from zone arms race now will be used to benefit those participating in TvT. I think that's great!

Tap continues to change things in the game so they don't get stagnant. Players get bored with the same thing over and over. I know not everyone likes change, but its the only thing guaranteed to us in life (rl and virtual). Maybe give it a week or two and see if your opinion changes?

I'm sure there's ppl who feel just as you do, I just wanted to provide you with an alternate perspective :)

Happy TvT tonight!

James Clemens
11-27-2017, 02:52 AM
THanks. I see what you mean.

On the other hand, constant additions and changes to the game aren’t a good thing when tap cannot fix the game as it is...

Since the latest update, everyone keeps losing connection every few seconds. It’s going to be a scary tvt if they don’t fix this issue which seems to have only gotten worse.

Btw I guess a “developer” never found the time to come to the forum😳

11-28-2017, 05:17 PM
I know connection issues were awful. The emergency maintenance seems to have patched those for now. Tap does double check the forums to make sure my information is accurate, but I am the primary moderator of the problems and issues part of the forum.