View Full Version : Facebook Binding Not Staying Binded

06-11-2015, 03:28 PM
Username: WH1T3 W0LF
Zone: #26 Avondale

So I have binded my facebook account to the game to unlock the diamond mine, but every time I access the mine I always have to put my login details in and then tap "OK" on the screen that says I have already authorized it. So I am not getting any diamonds. This happened yesterday 10/06/2015 when I first found it and has constantly keep happening. Although when I enter account menu it says that my facebook isn't public yet. Does that mean I will have to make my whole profile public for this to work? Or am I just missing something?

Invasion CS
06-12-2015, 03:21 AM
Actually it does not mean that players could collect 100 diamonds per day as long as you have bound the mine to FB, it is a kind of interaction with your FB friends who also play Invasion, and you could send each friend 20 diamonds (for diamond mine lv.1) and you could get 20 from your friends, 100 at most per day ( from 5 friends). You need to tell your FB friends to send diamonds to you in their mine and then you could get the diamonds.

And for the not public issue, it's related to some settings on FB's end, you should contact them or change some settings there. It will not have any influences on your gameplay. Please do not worry about that. Thank you for your understanding.