View Full Version : The1Percent - Rank 9

06-16-2015, 09:14 AM
My Username: Just Ace
Guild Name: The1Percent[1%]
Guild Rank: 9

Description: The1Percent is a rapidly increasing guild, we are looking to now sharpen up and make our way further to the top. We have built great relationships in our zone and is a reputation we wish to maintain and strengthen.

Requirements: All we ask is that you are active several times a day, stick by our guild rules and most of all have fun.

Required power: We are looking for individuals with 100,000+ power, this is a more stable number so we are aware you are actively growing and been around for several days already.

Languages: It hardly matters, but we really prefer it if you speak english within guild chat atleast.

What to do now?: So if your interested, you basically need to give me a mail [Just Ace] is my name and we can go from there.