View Full Version : 【Beta】Install Tutorial for iOS Beta

Detrun Zhang
06-01-2015, 06:59 AM
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1. Sign Up for iOS Beta Test Qualification

a. Have a Apple ID account

b. Sign up here-> http://bit.ly/1MGQlJH

P.S.: Only Apple ID account is allowed for applying the iOS beta test qualification.

2. Install the beta version if you are selected as a tester.

a. Download TestFlight from Apple Store if you haven't installed it.

b. Log in the Apple ID you signed up for the beta test in Setting→iTunes & Apple Store.


c. After logging in with the Apple ID, open the Beta Test invitation message from your e-mail (subject: TestFlight:You’re invited to test InvasionTM x.xx.x) and click “Open in TestFlight” icon.

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d. Enter TestFlight after clicking “Open in TestFlight”, and make sure the version is 1.20.x, and then click “INSTALL”.

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e. After installing, you can see a yellow spot beside “Invasion”, as a special tag for IOS beta version.


06-02-2015, 10:28 AM
What about one for android

06-03-2015, 10:51 PM
Doesnt work

06-07-2015, 12:17 AM
Will you lose your current progress if you do this?

06-12-2015, 01:08 AM
Does this work been trying to get the email for quiet some time now

Mark Kiefer
11-06-2015, 12:37 PM
Does this work for Android

Ken Daehn
11-06-2015, 05:40 PM
Ive tried to use but wont allow me login thru my facebook i get error message

Ian Johnson
11-06-2015, 06:09 PM
hi iv loaded the game and started it but now I'm unable to log back in

Sam Ingle
11-06-2015, 06:21 PM
I never received the email.

Tony Taleb
11-08-2015, 05:59 AM
The game has been down for the past 12 hours. No response from t4f.

Glut Czyz
11-08-2015, 03:11 PM
Impossible to log in the beta since few hours, t4f are you working on it?

Jacque Philip Michel
11-09-2015, 02:18 AM
I have been getting server maintenance for the last 24 hours. Has anyone else been able to play the beta?