View Full Version : Troops preset

06-24-2015, 02:40 AM
Having a troop combination preset would be great. Instead of having to type the number of each troops we want to send on each march we could have an option to preset 3 or more preferred combination and simply tap the desired preset and save some valuable time. Especially in time of war this will be very useful.

06-24-2015, 02:43 AM
That is a great idea! I'm surprised this idea never occurred to me! I agree, it would be really nice having a few presets that you could create in the armory or something. But what about when attacking another player? Usually you would scout the player, change your formation, and send all of your troops to destroy them. Where would the preset idea take place?

06-24-2015, 03:36 AM
Just add a button called preset and by tapping on it a list of the preset troops combination the player have saved would come up. Choose the desired one and send attack. Cuz right now if you tap queue all, well the current fonction will choose by default the first troops in the troops list. When you get a huge army that means all your suv will be sent and none of the others on that one march.