View Full Version : Possible game Additions, please review

Myles Hamilton
08-03-2015, 09:52 PM
Hi I woundering if there could be a few additions, added to the game..
First of a lot of the guilds like to make alliances, however it's not possible to truly do this as communication is limited to chat and mingle the groups and pass information between groups In game so.....

1.. A inagame chat room option like "guild chat", but "alliance chat" where guilds can add other guild parties involved to the chat, so to integrate the different party members to increase communication co,operation and trade.

2.. Base damage, with this it would mean guilds who have made an area, however, have inactive or random players in the way, could forceably remove enemy /inactive /unwanted bases away, by repeatedly damaging them to the point of x health, where if not repaired repeatedly by the owners in time, the base will auto teleport to a new location, clearing out the space.

3. Guild bases, towers and resources which are bought built and paid by the guild, so to increase there dominance in that area.. Giving them a small boost in x radios around the building and defences to production, costs recruitment etc and can be upgraded to increase there effectiveness.. All can be destroyed however, to which you have to build again.. And of course have a limit to how many you can make..

Hope this acceptable and can be added.. 2. And 3. Can be done hopefully, as I have seen it in other app games recently. Such as clash of kings..