View Full Version : Urgent Announcement for Update 1.2.1

08-04-2015, 12:59 PM
The Update 1.21 scheduled for August 5th is being postponed due to serious bugs found in this update. In order to make you better gameplay experience, we made this difficult decision and try to figure out the problem as soon as possible. Hope you all commanders can understand!

For this unexpected delay of the update 1.21, we feel deeply sorry and will compensate all players on August 5th 6:00 am UTC with items worth 500 diamonds as follows:

3 minutes speed upX10
10 minutes speed upX2
500 Simulator Chips X1
150000 Food X1

Please go to the Rewards Center to claim them on August 5th 6:00 am UTC.

Apologize for all the inconvenience. We will inform you when the update 1.21 restart once everything is ready. Please keep an eye to our Facebook fan page, official forum or in-game mails.

Thanks for your support!

Invasion High Command