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08-10-2015, 05:39 AM
Dear Commanders,

We will be performing a game update on August 10th from 5:30-10:00 AM GMT, during which time you will be unable to enter the game.

1.21 Updated Content:

- Added voice chat function
- Added officer system
- Added guild recruitment wall function
- Added guild comments function
- Added UTC time display on map
- Added a one-key function that marks all mails as read
- Added a function that allows the Governor to revoke a title
- Optimized War simulator
- Added a function that supports redirecting to web page inside mail system
- Added a function that supports browsing web page inside the game
- Allowed players to create multiple game characters in different servers under one account
- Added voiceover function for the tutorial
- Improved ‘How to Play’ content
- Fixed the issue that prevents player from using marching speedup continuously
- Now displays the corresponding icon in chat after the commander is captured
- Added a function that automatically recommends guild members move their base to the area adjacent to the guild leader

For all the android players, if you can not update the game from Google play, here we prepared the android APK of update 1.21 for you. You can directly download it here:

✦ http://akamai.p301.tap4fun.com/client/apk_20150810_121/Invasion_1.2.1_rl.apk ✦

If you have any problems during or after the update, you can read «Version Update FAQ» in Problems & Bugs forum to find solutions:

✦ http://invasion.tap4fun.com/forum/showthread.php?8903-Version-Update-FAQ ✦

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience, and we will be sending out a Version Update Gift to each player. Please claim the Version Update Gift from the Rewards Center after logging into the new version. Thank you for your support of Invasion!

You could get more official information of the update 1.21 from our Facebook fan page by clicking "More"->"Contact Us"->"Fan Page".

If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the game, please click "More" -> "Contact Us" -> "Customer Support" to contact our Customer Service team.

Invasion High Command

August 10, 2015