View Full Version : No Money? No problem!

08-12-2015, 09:36 PM
Hello Commanders,

So I have been thinking of potential ways Free 2 Play players can get the best out of there gaming. Before I continue with this I want you all to know its 100% legal and Invasion still get paid.

Basically go to >> http://abo.io/cjnuwoeq
Clicking the above link will give you free 50 credits to get started off!

You then have the ability to downloads 100's of apps where you can get points from downloading them, once you make 5,000 points(Ive almost got 6k in just over 1 day) you can buy ITunes or Google play cards with your credits where you can redeem them and spend them on Invasion.

This can be slightly time consuming but is good for people who are young with no money or dont like spending on games.

However you may think downloading apps will take up space, just delete them after completion.