Minecraft Economy Server

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Welcome to Minewind, a Minecraft survival server that thrives on everything bad and corrupt in the greatest way. From complete backstabbing betrayal to a flurry of entertaining hate where players compete for the biggest e-schlong award. A place where players can take on the role of a griefer without repercussions, except notoriety. The server_s difficulty is set to hard, and the owners keep it true to its semi-vanilla roots respectively. Upon joining the server you aren_t hounded with a /help list to page 500 like most servers these days. Hosted in Los Angeles, CA, it has a very strong up-time average due to the loving support from the community and from a clean and none cluttered back-end. This is as vanilla as it gets for the average amount of players online.

Minewind has been up and running for about 12 months now. It has an extraordinary amount of regulars. The city to which you are spawned into is based off of World of Warcraft_s Stormwind City. PvP is among one of the most popular activities to do in Minewind. There_s also a dueling arena where you can fight against people, one mode where you keep items on death, and hardcore where you lose everything upon death. The owners of Minewind encourage the community to offer suggestions to improve content that is in line with the server_s roots, keeping material very dynamic yet simple in a [url=http://Search.Ft.com/search?queryText=vanilla+sense]vanilla sense[/url]. There are only three rules to keep in mind while playing: Don_t get caught exploiting/cheating, no excessive spamming, and no impersonating staff, pretty simple right? Minewind offers an awesome community website as well. Minewind has many custom coded features but they still perverse that vanilla feel!


Server IP: Play.Minewind.com