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    Some ideas

    In gifting you should add an option to gift 50, 100 and 1000 warrants/handcuffs. We are currently helping a guild member get the handcuffs/warrants to start level 21 HoW and Prison. But we can only...
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    Events are a Money Funnel

    Good one T4F, make every event based around how much money you can leech from us. You're killing the game with all these events requiring you to spend hundreds of dollars just to earn a shėtty...
  3. Zone51 Corona - Lagging map, Time outs

    Over the past probably 4 days I have noticed that the zone map has become very slow and always times out. The same with chat, it drops out a lot. The game in general seems to be very slow like the...
  4. You sure someone in your guild wasn't telling him...

    You sure someone in your guild wasn't telling him where you were porting to?
  5. Thread: Allies

    by Brock Dunnet

    Great idea I reckon have a Max amount of allies...

    Great idea I reckon have a Max amount of allies so a zone doesn't lock up with allies lol
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    Suggestion Rapid Fire

    From my experience over the past few months as a guild leader of a near capacity active guild and creating a jump guild to a new zone. I have had a lot of thoughts that in my opinion could help the...
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    Ragnarok - Jumping to #62

    Good morning ladies and gents,

    Ragnarok is recruiting players to jump to zone 62 as soon as it opens. We have 17 daily active members for the jump.
    You must be HQ5 no higher to jump and save...
  8. How do you change display range on Territorial forces map?

    If you go to the Territorial forces map up the top is a button with a question mark. If you go to this it is says you can change the display range so you can see up to the top 50. Any idea how to...
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