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Thread: Resources? It's all about boosting

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    Resources? It's all about boosting

    Invasion’s complexity makes it superior over other SLG games,and a good tutorial will lead you to the success. In invasion,you probably will need patience, resources conservation and management are the main challenges you’ll have to hurdle first.

    In this tutorial will tell you how manage your resource base. Good resource management leads to Victory. There are five major resources that you’ll have to deftly manage to be successful in this game:
    Energy oil Steel Food, and Cash. Each of them are significant in the game, they’re required for constructing and upgrading buildings as well as for training troops.You can never have too little of either of these resources so make sure that you have enough resource in order to build or to upgrade. Also ensure that you have a steady supply of resource to maintain your daily activity.
In order to collect more resources you will need to build your base first, besides the base construction, In addition to increasing and hastening your resource gathering capability, you will also fulfill the requirement for the tutorial’s recommended quests, by completing the daily quests will result in rewards in the form of Energy oil steel food and cash.

    Speaking of Diamonds in the game, you can speed up the process by using the diamonds, when you constructing or upgrading important buildings, you probably will need to speed up your construction, training.
    You can get the diamonds by ether purchasing or completing the quests in the game. You can also use your military personnel for attacking as well as gathering resources from neighboring base and resource points.

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    Уважаемая администрация,вы убили интерес к игре своим обновлением,симулятор войны испортили,только что потратил 30к фишек,и 1 приз даже не смог получить,если вы не хотите потерять людей, верните старую версию симулятора войны, или увеличте количество очков за пройденный шаг и верните ускорители,их вообще нет. Спасибо за внимание. Заранее спасибо.

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