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Thread: New Rebel attack feature!

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    Dont know when it be on again and dident buy any time boosts and made it with ease to lvl 75 so its quite nicly balance

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    Quote Originally Posted by EROS View Post
    can someone tell me if this event wil be every week?
    So far they have been every other week.

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    Most anticipated feature of the game. Thanks Tap4Fun. Totally 50 days speedups in event, u can't beat that

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    Our guild never spends diamonds and we get almost everyone to lvl 50 so everyone gets 2k diamonds... You have plenty of time to get to lvl 50 if you have help from your alliance

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    The prizes still suck. Participant price is simply worthless.... what the heck u get ? Just 1 minute speed ups and 3k rss of anyone type !! Waste of time. I dint get more than 100 diamonds upto lvl 30. And where are the action poit rewards gone. C'mon Tap4Fun... u'll lose ur fans.

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    Come faccio a cambiare alleanza

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    I'm in a guild but I've gotten to lv80 without anyone's help. Everyone else was asleep in a different time zone. Use your bonuses at the right time. If you use them early just to keep going, you'll have to buy diamonds later to keep going. My advice, don't use your bonus points until it's crunch time.

    To all who have said it already, yes the odd prizes are pretty chinsy. 1min 3min 15min....who wants to get to level 70something for that poo?

    PS. The war simulator is just a Vegas slot machine. 😜


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    Nah, I can get to 80 with the help of only a couple guild members. If you can't get past 20. You need to focus on base building and research to get your tier 3 troops. You'll need alot of them.

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    The rebels are awesome. Some of our guild members finish it weekly. I usually get to around 70 without buying any action points. The rewards drop off after 50 though.

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    No need to spend money for rebels...I get to 80-85 without buying points. Teamwork is a must, so get 3-4 mates together and work in cycles

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