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Thread: Notification on crash problem of version 1.25.1

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    I'm pissed off that I paid for this game and I lost everything. Fix this problem or reimbursed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You can restart a Fucking game but you can't go back to your original one that you paid for. Cash Fucking dollars in real life money that people work hard for.

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    I was on level ten yesterday. Log in this afternoon and it starts me from the beginning with the tutorial. HELP!

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    Logging in as a 0 level. Was on level 10. ?

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    Can't lol g in it gets to 74% and the server times ou it's been like that all day over eight hours now this is ridiculous

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    Sorry for the trouble, guys! Due to temporary server maintenance, some players could not log into the game from September 28th, 7:30pm to September 29th, 0:00am (UTC). Server maintenance has now been completed, and we have delivered the compensation. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused to you. If you still cannot log in, we kindly suggest you to click Can't Login at the top left corner to send e-mail to us. We will help you with it ASAP. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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