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Thread: Notification on crash problem of version 1.25.1

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    Same here. Only loading 74% then it stops, sits there till times up

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    Thanks , I get to level 4 and get vip use it n for an hour and get booted off. So much for my 24 hour vip

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    Still can't lose in. It's been over 3 hours

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    Having this issue now. Haven't been able to get on in hours

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    I can not get in at all...gets to 74% and says a server timeout. Other players on my team encountering the same issue MaximusFun Zone24 Skynet

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    I cant enter the game, it goes to 74% and stop, what I can do?

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    Wow can't log in hope they compensate

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    Game crashed. Not loading past 74%.
    It would appear that this problem is world wide, not just local. Just over 3 hours now and the game has been very glitchy all day.
    So the servers have crashed,
    But like people have said a polite notice to say we're very sorry there is an issue beyond our control and we're working on the problem, we expect the problem to be resolved soon.would go a long way with the people that pay to play this.

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    My game stops at loading at 74%

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