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Thread: Comment on Invasion: Wonderfields!

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    I like the new territory feature, and the new commanders for my base I would like to see our Guild flags that we can post in our territory alongside the letters, with the addition of numbers, and symbols, as my Alliance is $47, and my name is D474 from Zone 64.

    47th Squadron, #Squad #GetMoney.

    I love all the hard work, thank you! Without a doubt my favorite online game right now. And I play GTAV, lol.

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    Need to be able to post cords in mail

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    Definitely approve of the added officers and ability to buy specific items for officer upgrade... love the timer on gathering rss... still need to send 30k extra to gather all and some times still not the layout of rss....maybe could include distance on first page where it says vacant or about a password memory for tap for fun.....takes a lot of time to switch accounts especially if in a pinch for time in battle....

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    Only been playing game a couple months now, and like the improvements so far.
    There are still glitches once in awhile I the report screen, and email screen that just come up blank, but over all not bad.
    Zone 38 Alto
    LCG guild, the guild that will not give up, we get beat down but keep coming back for more. We don't know what the word defeat means. Hooyahh!

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    Zone 10
    ID: Zin Zin
    guild: TNX

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    I would like to see the ability to upload screen captures in mail, this option would allow to end hostilities and clarify issues between players and guilds in a more diplomatic manner.

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    Awesome job on the update. Love what you have done with the game. Designers well done.

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    The base color a little bit too yellow cos by the shiny sun that us too bright. the flag in world map is awesome, if can show the flag also at the monument in the territory map would be better.

    zone 15

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