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Thread: Comment on Invasion: Wonderfields!

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    It's owsome but I think improving the officers is a little hard since for every officer you have to pay a lot of diamonds or spend a lot of time on searching the boxes.overall best game ever!

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    Great game play it everyday. After the update i did notcie some bugs made me delete the game and reinstall but other than that i love it!

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    Muy bueno

    Me gusto mucho como quedo todo después de la actualizacion

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    The newest update offers some new features that definitely improve the overall gameplay; however, the update added one feature that I feel was not appropriately thought out before implementing.


    The addition of separating tabs under Guild Domination tab. Until this update if you were in a guild that had a great deal of land, as mine does (well over 60k tiles), the app would occasionally crash or hang while the data loaded. With the tabs now only the pertinent information you wish to look at displays, finally!!

    The new Territory binding feature is great. The binding of occupation tiles to the players that captured the tiles was one I never thought about needing, but is a valuable addition to the game. My only complaint is that it was not retro-active, but hey, its still nice.

    The addition of several new Ranking Categories was sorely needed. Everyone plays differently and the addition of several new categories allows recognition of those players who may be interested in other game aspects, as well as guilds being able to evaluate their relative positions verses other guilds other than just Power.

    THE BAD:

    The addition of Territory Signs that allows you to place letters on individual territory tiles I think is one of the WORST ideas I have come across. This function was NOT NEEDED and honestly adds nothing of value to the game. It most certainly was NOT given an adequate evaluation before implementation. Why? For one simple reason, abuse! No matter how T4F may have envisioned this function to be, any gamer would have immediately known how it would be corrupted. I do not think there is a single Zone in this game where this feature has not been utilized to demean a player or players. Within the first 30 minutes in my zone the following message was placed on territory: (<player name> is a skanky whore who sucks cock), and this is mild to some other messages I have come across in other zones!!!!!! Honestly, what the bloody hell were you all at T4F thinking?? I would love to know just how T4F thought this feature would be anything but sounding board for immaturity and sophomoric rhetoric. I would love to know just how this feature enhances the game or gameplay?? The ONLY feature I suppose can be considered redeeming is that the use of the feature is somewhat restrictive because it is bound to specific guild privileges to use.


    Overall, I would give this update a grade of B-, and that may be a bit generous. The update most certainly does have some nice features that enhance the game, but there are many issues that have been and have continued to be ignored that are more important than most of the features in this update. While I am not surprised that T4F still seems to turn a blind eye to player input on serious gameplay issues, (it has been T4F's continued operating procedure across all its games), I would for once like to see them show at least some respect for the players who are allowing them to take home a paycheck.

    Zone 6
    Z6E Guild

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    I just wonder if you can make a conversation window just over our HQ on the maps page and everyone can see it that would be more fun and interesting

    Z10 bullhead
    Player : millionaire

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    Not a bad way of looking at things. Its nice to know.

    a general :zone 58

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    New material

    Everytime a new update comes I get Big squares everywhere on the map I'm in zone 35 and Game name Driller
    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    (Sign up and log in to see the picture and join the event!)

    Invasion has been updated to the latest 1.25.1 version, do you like the new features about the territory? We received many meaningful opinions and suggestions from the last "comment on new version" event, thank you for taking part in! We will continue to held this event, your opinions would be much appreciated!

    Attachment 522

    Event Time: September 19th 10:30 UTC - September 22nd 10:30 UTC

    Event Details: Leave your opinions or suggestions to Invasion v1.25.1: Wonderfields in the reply section of this post along with your in-game username and zone number.

    Event Rewards: After the event ends, we will randomly select 20 players, who posted their opinion & in-game username & zone number and deliver 1,000 diamonds to their account.


    • You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    • Rewards will be distributed within 2 days after the event ending.

    Thank you for your support of Invasion!

    Invasion High Command

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    Still not working, daily log in chest, and using voice it shut down the app every time.

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    I just started so I can't say well enough if it's good or not. I can say that I do like customization and personalization and think this is a good idea.


    Position #70

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    I do like the state flag symbols! Also like new officers. I would like to see more items being found while gathering and also if we had Diamond Mines we could gather from. Thanks
    Zone 28
    Shadow Heart

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