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Thread: Comment on Invasion: Wonderfields!

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    I think the update is great but you should think about adding more content like speed ups and more gems for the in game deals and a lot of $20 and $50 deals also
    Thanks a lot
    Bullet Train
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    How about letting us see the level and quantity on the rss tiles for our guilds

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    Absolutely love this game and the developers for consistently working with the players to improve the game. My suggestion is that the amount of resources, or at least the level resource tile (1,2,3...), is displayed on the guild page when a user clicks on the territorial occupation page. That way, members of a guild can see how many resources are on tiles they control and possibly add the ability to sort the distance to RSS tiles.

    iM Danger
    Zone 36

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    Can u guys make it to be able to transfer all tiles to new guild and make it that option is only available to use for r5 means president of certain guild cause its not really feels good that we can't transfer old tiles that we occupied before 1.25.1 update :/ and also can u guys adds emjojies in territory sign we would love to have emojies there XD and another thing can u guys plz have full control over ur moderators here in z28 our mod is totally unfair he blocked few of DR0 and one of our guild member for using bad name but he didn't blocked single one of MR1 guys who had name something like LafqkU , masterbaTED, molesTED, and few others from MR1 its totally unfair him judging only the guys that he don't like and I really hate it one sided thing
    I am from z28
    IGN :- 9Art Dragon

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    The idea of typing on the fields seems to be well received by my team. An option to erase messages though would be handy. Cheers, MaximusFun Zone24 Skynet1

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    It is good to have a new features regarding guild function. A proper communication and coordination to other guilds. For example for our guild alliance we could be able to team up to them we can combine our attack for us to join to their rally. Join in rally at the same time even we are in different guild.
    Also it is good to have friend list and know who is currently online.
    Thank you Invasion. More Power.

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    Ign: KnightofZero

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    This game is very fun about its and it make me have more friend from around the world. I in Thailand but I have friends from America, Brazil, etc.
    Thank you for created this game for me.

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    would like to see direct chat and / recruit when you select base and get details

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    Direct account billing through All major Mobile carriers should also be a payment option.

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    It's too cool but I had only a glitch once so far. Hooked

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