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Thread: game not letting me in .

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    This gives all a chance to see our family again. Sure sucks its pvp though. I'm glad I shielded NOT. I'm sure I'll find my commander in a cozy prison and 200k troops up in smoke.

    Oh well

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    Anyone seen any post from tap?

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    Maybe to many wife's complained that they haven't seen the husband in days. Lol.

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    Hahahah yes my wife just have me all night now. Lol

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    my problem same like all report on this forum..why we all can not on this game today..n please juz fix the 1 week juz 3 time pvp event n 3 time rebel event..but pvp event please juz make 8 hr not getting boring if u make pvp event for 24hr...please fix the teleport jump zone below hq10 or 8 can be join teleport another zone..

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    Wow4.5 he's I have been trying to log in. Same problem as everyone else. Don't see a post any where talking about what's going on... And now I'm getting peved. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I'm not fully sure, I will be looking more into it; although, I think this is world wide game maintenance.

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    I just posted one stating what's going on, try again hourly. Thank you.

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