Hello Commanders!

My names Reece AKA - Just Ace of Zone 1 - Mohave.


After so much request of a site with guides, tools, tips and many more features, I decided to go ahead and create it, so my ask is that you lot do check it out and do use this site to direct members in your guild to any guides they may need!

The site also has a section where you can submit a guide, you will gain all credit for your guide. We also would love to see some Art you guys have created, whether is Photoshop art, Writen Art, Poems, Drawn Art, we would love to see it and we will put it up at the bottom of our site!

We also have a forums over there and I hope as many people can sign up and get involved, it would bring all Zones together into communication as what would be fantastic development and progress for Invasion in itself.

What we need!
We are in the need of 38 Zone leaders and counting! Aswell as 38 News Reporters & also some forum moderators, which any of those position you volunteer to do, you will be massively credited for.

Come on over and give us a try!