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Thread: Spies in game from invasion the Developer of this game

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    Spies in game from invasion the Developer of this game

    I am rudi from server 6,, I am truly shock and amuse that multiple players in the server are actually spy's being put into the game by the developers themselves ,, this is truly shocking ,, you can't have a war game and it ends up with spy or people put in by the developer to either start a war or even say anything in the game .

    If you need a moderator to control players abusive language,, you should make your system friendly for you as the Developer to monitor ,, not putting real people who are from t4f into the game ,, you are cheating in the game that you created ,,either making wars to happen or cheating us in an indirect manner to invest in the game with real money.

    It's time for this to stop,, I will be considering all legal actions that I can take towards t4f with apple and the relevant authorities,, this is cheating people's money,, you monitor people,, but not putting people from your company into the game as player. Truly shocking for me,,

    players,, listen up,, we need to ask t4f an answer for this stupid arrangement make by them,, we need to demand our money back,, get apple or goggles to bar t4f from the game store ,, I am struggling to find an answer to this idiotic found from me

    We spend maybe upwards of thousands of dollars only learning that whoever you play or talk with is not a real player but from t 4 fun ,, this is absurd

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    I totally agree with you Rudi, this is a poor way to operate. If there are truly issues that T4F feels it is necessary to resolve then they need to do so in an ethical manner. Putting "Shills" in the game to force the player base to take actions or spend money is immoral and despicable. T4F would be better served by involving the player base in resolving the actual issues rather than taking a Nazi approach. Of course on the flip side this is a Chinese game developer after all and such communist behavior is not totally unexpected.

    T4F has a TOS that they expect players to abide by, but apparently the TOS means absolutely nothing to them. At the very least this is gross misrepresentation of the service they provide, not to mention fraudulent. Such actions are not only grounds for refunds of monies spent, but also grounds to have the game and developer removed from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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    Well its not against tos for them to put players in a or ask players to become a game saga to play the game watch over it news flash just about all online game's do it now days so if you feel you miss treated by t4f you can try other game's but its going to be the same way in every online game I suggest you go play a console game were you can play as you feel fit

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    I am from your zone and there are no t4f spies,mods yes they are there to protect server from vulgar abuse.a good mod went down for his crew due to unknown circumstances, but from what I gathered in zc your crew knows what happened but decided to put all mods on a kill on sight list expect for the one that's overseas that is in ur alliance.

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    Thats exactly why they are there. To stimulate spending. A t4f employee in my zone told me everything. Showed me their company chat on QQ chat app. I watch their comms and copy pdf bullitens daily. The member count is over 999. Thats several in each zone. If you think they arent in your zone, guess again. I have seen apps and software they use. I have loads of screen shots of much that shows how deep this goes. But in the end, nothing wrong with playing. They own the game, they can do what they want. Id do the same. And for all the money youve spent..well you got exactly what you paid for. Instead of dwelling on things youll never ever change, adapt to the situation. I did. Cuz if you cant beat them. Join them.

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    honestly, i am sure all games do this because they deserve to know whats going on in the game, and i really doubt anyone has spent thousands of dollars on this games besides maybe Bump City or whoever the top player is in this game. and this game doesn't force you to buy anything i have seen 70-80m players with vip 0 yea it may take longer that way, buts its not impossible. also it's not like T4ft would be causing trouble in their own game. They have these "spies" set up to watch for anyone possibly doing anything against the games policy. and so what if that person is just a T4t employer it doesn't mean they are not a real person you can't befriend and have real conversations with. i am really getting tired of people complaining about a game that is free to play. no one has a gun to your head forcing you to buy diamonds. if you don't like the game don't play. also your not going to accomplish anything by complaining about things you can't change.

    -TheChosen1 [UNC] Z34

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