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Thread: What is Glorious Guild and how to sign up?

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    Post What is Glorious Guild and how to sign up?

    After 2 weeks beta test, the Glorious Guild event has been released as a regular event now! This special event is held by official staff to help guilds in every new zones and will last for a month after the new zone opened. After one month event, you will become a strong guild and keep going on your own.

    "Glorious Guild" enjoys the following privileges in the game:

    1. In-game shining Guild certification mark
    2. Exclusive growth pack
    3. Exclusive in-game Activities only available to the Glorious Guild

    Requests to become a "Glorious Guild": You are in a new zone which opened in 2 weeks.

    → Fill and submit the application form:

    We will contact you after verification. (There will be only one contact person, so if more than one player signed up for the event, we will contact the first one who submitted the application form.)

    To experience "Glorious Guild", you don't need to update the client, or change your game account. Just play the game normally and give us your feedback and suggestions about "Glorious Guild". This event is still in preliminary phase, the event itself and related functions may be adjusted based on actual circumstance.

    Come and join the "Glorious Guild" to build your iron legion!
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