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Thread: What happens to the land??

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    Question What happens to the land??

    If I leave a guild to join another, does the territory I conqured come with me, or does it stay with the guild I'm assocated with currently?

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    Sadly, it stays in the guild that you were previously in. If you decide to switch guilds, the only tile that will switch is the one that your base sits on.

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    There was a guild with land around me t*k, but in one day ALL their land turned to DrK... how is this??

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    They could have renamed their guild. Iv seen it happen once.

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    Spartin is correct, they either reformed and took the territory again or most likely changed their name.

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    They must of changed thier name. There was way too much land to be recapured under a new guild, at least for a one day turn around..

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    Hi, I've been occupying 9 tiles next to my building and it said they were owned by our guild, however suddenly new buildings appeared on them which aren't our guild members and the ones that were showing ours are now back to original, I'm very confused about the benifit of these and hoping you could shed some light on it for me?

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