Effective Attacking!

1. You must Scout your target (So that you can get information on troops and defenses)

2. Now, that you know what your facing...send 1st wave .25% T1 and .75% T2 (ultimately we want a T1 and T3 combination). In other words: If your march capacity is 100k....you would have a combination of: 25k T1 and 75k T2

3. Send in waves...send your fleets in waves (using the combination above). 1st and/or 2nd wave to take out defenses.

4. Watch your target...(You can not send and then go back to building), Keep your eye on your target. Your target may send their troops out upon your attack. if this happens with you watching you'll be ready.

If you scout and get no results, your target probably has EMP activated. This can be countered by sending in a suicide fleet to get targets info from Battle Report.

Formations: When you scout (get Scouting Research to atleast Lvl7, that way you can gather enough info to counter their Base Formation (Defense).

1. Heli beats Tank
2. Suv beats Heli
3. Tank beats Suv

Capturing a Commander: you must Zero out your target. You must be lvl 10+, and so does your target. And you must Win!

Infomation provided by: Lord RudE