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Thread: Comment on Invasion: ZVZ

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    Dieses Spiel ist eindeutig super! Schade ist es nur das man nur immer ein einziges Gebäude Hochstufen kann. Aber was soll es.

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    The update is awesone, new experiences coming on. Im sure it going to be great!!!

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    Love the new update and the new mines alsome guys and zvz will be alsome to

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    Good idea for zvz, hope during zvz no one can attack in there own zone at that time and solo and guild events reflect zvz to earn solo and guild rewards. Also if they can make it where allies are also shown in Blu and guilds are not able to attack each other if they have an alliance. Great game took me off of a few others I was playing. Spartan34, zone 79.
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    Two thumbs up the super guild mine is an awesome addition to team work functioning guild

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    The new update is really good, please keep the mine rss

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    Refreshed the game with this latest update, well done

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