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Thread: Comment on Invasion: ZVZ

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    I love the guild mines! I only wish we could do 1 of each type or at least two mines at once. This would help even more!

    Deadly Queen (rewards here please)
    Zone 103


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    Excited about new update for zvz cant wait for fun to begin

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    The supper mine is great but the time to build should be shortened for the smaller guilds who are trying to spare troops from attacks to build them nut still a good game

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    abort z85 SuperMines awesome. NoTresspass z73 bring on the zvz. TaehW z80 great ideas Invasion. Guild Voting rocks +1.

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    super mine

    name: Evva
    Zone: 75
    ZVZ is a good idea for this game. Hope that it will be good like other event.
    Thank you for always adding new features in the game.
    Super mine is good thing but the time to build it was too big.
    you must reduce that time and allow Rank 4 officer to crete it not only the leader
    But for this event shall we port in other zone or what ?
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    good Update! (:

    ty for the great and close relationship to us customer ^^ never seen this in another smartphone game (: good work!

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    Great game reminds me of evony

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