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Thread: Comment on Invasion: ZVZ

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    I'm just amazed by the new updates you pulled there. !

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    Perfect game, new update get the game is very fast.

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    Yeah bring it on big boys 🌿👀🌿❤️💋💐corsa

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    The update is a little glitchy, but it's awesome so far.

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    Exclamation 기은 lam lam zone 76 server opinion

    This is 기은 lam lam from zone 76 server. My opinion on the supermine is good because it is a great way to build team bonding and even other guilds come to our guild and help us build super mine but I wish we can build more than just one at a time. The new update is having a lot of glitchEs but not only glitch but crashes the game as well. It shut me down during pvp multiple times. Please find away to fix that as well. Also, Moving away from the mines. I want to say that I want to see guild events and occupy events back on and running again. Don't focus too much on zvz. I hope you can fix the issues within the game first before creating another ideas.

    thank you,
    기은 Lam Lam
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    The super mine was a good idea and easier way to gather alot faster. The new updates are good and about the zvz idea we just gotta see how that progresses.

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