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Thread: Set right prizes for pvp

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    Set right prizes for pvp

    Oh well u guys at t4f cut the pvp prizes to 1/3rd of previous. Way to appreciate your loyal players I guess.
    Yes with older players pvp prizes was too easy to grab. Increase the required points and also increase the prizes. Your current cut in prizes only harm yourself. peeps feel lacking interests to fight.

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    Exactly!!! I was wondering why the points I need to earn are the same amount of points as last time but the top prize is worth about 70% less.

    Lotta people riding this one out in a bubble.
    From the whopping prizes of 1min and 3min speedups for level 70something rebels to the constant updating, why do you guys feel the need to keep messing with this game? Don't you want people to stay?

    Slowly but surely getting tired of this game that you all seem to be developing as we go along. Why even mention level 25 anything unless it exists?

    Poop on your latest pvp change. You're fuggin things up

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