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Thread: Favorite Guild Function

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    Guild Chest, Gift Giving, Free diamonds, and Guild Help

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    Mr sinister, zone 106

    I like the occupy guild event, getting stuff for gaining territory is a good bonus.

    The guild help is a good feature as well though.

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    Guild chat, without that why would there be a guild if you cant communicate with eachother to better strategize, WannaSmoke1 zone 88

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    Super mine .surtout celle de la super ferme. 87

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    Guild mine, Terminator37 zone50

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    Invasion is awesome game and i liked

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    Zone 14 Tasteegirl... My favorite function is the help button... Speeds up everything.. Takes a big chunk out of time especially when construction takes days

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    Zone:39 guild: TWS fv420. Guild help is my favorite because that tool shows teamwork which means we are a real guild.

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    I love them all, best game ever, game of war?? invaision, its where the Nuke is.

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