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Thread: Favorite Guild Function

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    The Guild players working together. The more we help one another the more we become a team. Base construction is a huge part of the game.

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    Guild chat is where a lot of friends are made and laughs happen. SgtWalkndude in Zone 53

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    Demon40 zone 75 guild chat and chest is my favourite

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    My favorite function is guild buildings but why can we only build mines?

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    Guild War , DonBoB zone 68 . Thank you T4F .

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    Guild chat and guild help. Both is super important. It allows you to communicate immediately when someone is hit or needed help. Guild help is really useful when you want to upgrade level.....

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    Of course it's chests and guid help, the chests help you and I return pressing the guild help will help them, all grow as each members grows

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