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Thread: how do we set up a parliament

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    Red face how do we set up a parliament

    as the new update has been released i can see that the new parliament feature but no one in my zone apart from the Chinese know how to set up a parliament and they wont share anyone can help please would be fantastic

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    Same issue in zone 85. And the only so see that the Chinese have set up a parliament is by swiping the chat bar at the bottom of the screen and then upending it up. At first I thought it was for government only but another guild was government when the feature was released. So I'm not sure what's going on but i find it very strange there doesn't seem to be any information on it or explaination of what it is or how/who can use it.

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    Any response from Tap4fun? The Chinese parliament appeared straight after the update.

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    Not that I have seen. This thread is the only thing I have seen come up when searching parliament

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