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Thread: Create Your Own Cobra Guild (((FREE FRANCHISE)))(((NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME)))

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    Post Create Your Own Cobra Guild (((FREE FRANCHISE)))(((NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME)))

    Cobra guilds are needed in all zones. Gamers who are beginners to hardcore junkies, this is an opportunity for you to show the rest of Invasion that Cobra is not dead. Those that have already created a Cobra guild should follow the instructions below to rename and fix the layout of title and acronym.

    To create a Cobra Guild make sure that you follow the instructions of creating one.


    Guild - Cobra ______ Military (note. you don't need to have Military at the end of it.
    e.g. Cobra Viper, Cobra Stealth, Cobra Ninja, Cobra Research, Cobra Assassin

    Guild Acronym - CSM (note. CS stands for Cobra Stealth and M stands for Military)
    e.g. Cobra Viper = CVM, Cobra Stealth = CSM

    Guild Template Profile


    Become apart of Cobra and join the conflict against GIJOE guilds. To join CSM (Cobra Stealth Military), send me/member a message.

    Minimum requirements 2 join: Level 2, 10 units destroyed & 500 resources. (3-2-Play) (3-2-Join)

    Rules - There are no rules! (place guild rules here)
    Inactivity - 2 weeks (place proximate time for an inactive player)
    Recruitment - Open (place recruitment availability here)
    Events - Be Active 2 Upgrade
    Rank - High Score (how to rank players)

    Create you own Cobra Guilds

    Axis - CPM, CVM, CDM, CGM (place allies here)

    Caution - Mail will be answered in 48 hours (place message/mail here)

    (place your name here) note. This Profile Template is at least 470 words and can be rearrange to your preferences.

    Creating guilds this way makes simplicity easier for Axis of Evil to organize there attacks on GIJOE scum guilds. Remember it was Cobra that had all the cool S**T back in the Toy Range, back in the days of 1980s.

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    P.s. i want to create my own guild

    In this post i couldn't understand how to make one, please explain it more to me

    Thx in advance
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