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Thread: Cant login.

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    Cant login.

    Going to compensate what is owed?

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    I've been stuck on 74% for over 3 hours now, have tried rebooting three times, what's going on?

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    Hello Shawn.. Just commenting as a member here i'm nothing senior, the issues occurring I think (as of my experience) is the longest downtime ever on Invasion and I am sure they will have great compensation items in mind.

    I'm sure the game shall be back up soon!

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    I'm going on 7 hrs of time outside 74% then times out the millions spent on this game you need better servers

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    Same here gets stuck on 74% have not been able to log in all day Uninstalled and reinstalled game didn't work either

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    The game has been back up several times for short periods probably for testing purposes I do not know however, I was on around 3 hours ago.

    Putting in experience of managing servers and fixing issues.. these guys are not sat back not doing anything you just need to be patient. Even some of the biggest companies in the world have technical difficulties, nothing is perfect it's just the matter of waiting for now buddy.

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    At this rate it be some time tomorrow before we can log in or next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxens View Post
    At this rate it be some time tomorrow before we can log in or next week
    We'll never know when, just have to keep checking every now and then.

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    Hope they get problems fixed and servers are offline or timing out for everyone. I can see many getting attacked and zeroed today.

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