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    I think you should be able to earn newbie teleports again but only up to a certain point. I think 2-5 is a good area

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    Well the only reason you start with 2 newbie teleports is for if you do not like your current zone, or you want to play with friends in another zone. Earning them again would allow someone with a much higher powered player to transfer zones to somewhere where it is very unfair for all other players.

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    I mean hq 5s and under should get them again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameron Abel View Post
    I mean hq 5s and under should get them again
    Hey sir,

    I actually dont agree with this idea. I think 2 teleports as a newbie is enough to make a choice. 1 would be a little bit tight, but 2 is good enough. You can also start a thread and ask what people found the best and nice zone to communicate and play, then you will be able to choose and jump.


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    It would be nice to be able to purchase a zone port. So if you get tired of a zone, you have the option to move, even if you are a high level player... Make them cost 10k diamonds, just so they couldn't be abused. If anyone did abuse them, it would surely cost them alot out of pocket.. You must think, that as it stands now, as with any Free to Play game, there will always be a favorable balance towards the ones that pay. Having a way to change zones, with a steep fee, is no different than any of the other pay to get stuff in the game.. If someone wants to leave a zone they are having problems in, and go to a zone that may or may not be better for them, it should be an option.. Just my opinion..
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