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Thread: Ok, so I'm really really new...

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    Question Ok, so I'm really really new...

    Ok, so I am really really new to this. Came from another war game, Modern War that has gotten boring! I am a lvl 7, and try to do the various missions (Daily/Guild), go on missions to gather stuff, and follow the recommendations to upgrade/build buildings. I also am doing research as I can, and building up my army but I still don't get the fundamental goal(s) I should have. I also don't really understand occupying. I have tried occupying a tile next to my base, but that takes up one of my march queues. Could someone take a bit of time and clue me in on the super basics? Then I can start worrying about the difference between rally and attack, and the difference between transport, encamp, and occupy. Thank you!


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    First of all i recommend you to take a look the 4 basics above Here .

    Attack & Rally: If you are in Guild and you want to destroy someone but you cant, you organize a rally so all Guild members can send troops to help you. You can only rally people who have HeadQuarter above lvl 14. But if their in a Guild you are possible to also start a rally. A attack means that you dont rally it. Then you attack individual.

    Encamp & Occupy: If you are in a Guild this is one of the most import things: Taking in Ground. It's very important because if you gather resources on your taking ground, 10% (Not sure about this) will go to Guild bank. Which can be use to help members grow. If you want to occupy (means 'take in') but you dont have the time, troops or can encamp it. Your troops will stay there until you call them back. This means that they will hold it up so others cant occupy it. The time of occupy can be many causes. If someone already ownd the land, but you want it... it will take much longer to take it in. You can also make it take less longer, im sorry i cant tell you that (dont know how).

    Transport: When you are growing and you are getting bigger and bigger...buildings/researches and troops making are going to cost more. And when you dont manage, you will get a crisis because you dont have enough resources. There are a few things you can do: 1. You can send your troops to go and gather resources.
    2. You can attack other commanders. The bad thing about this is that you can loose troops.
    3. You can use getting items in your ''items'' and then''resources''
    4. You can trade.

    You can only trade if you are in a Guild. You do this by clicking on a Guild members name and you will see 3 blue things. You have to get the one says ''Trade''. When you have clicked on that, you are ready to trade. This means you send some of your resources to your comrade. The amount of resources you are able to send depends on the level of your Shipping center.

    That was it! .
    I hope i could help you abit more and hope your abit wiser now. I wish you a great day. if you have a questions you can make another thread and Moderators and players will try to answer you as fast as they can.

    Have fun playing!

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