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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    Mon premier jeu a ete legend of zelda sur NES. Et mon premier jeu de stratégie a peu pres identique a invasion a ete risk.

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    First online games in this order:
    1-Lineage 2 C1 -C4
    2-Eve online for 2 years
    3-World of tanks

    This games i would gladly play it now if i have the time.


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    Tetris Game-boy
    Amstrad, NES, Super NES, N64, Game Cube, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbos, XBox 360, Xbox one, Dream cast, Atari, ...
    PC : Anarchy online, Dark Age Of Camelot, World Of Warcraft, Guild War...
    Mac : Deux Ex, Steam (Counter... FPS)

    Phone : Boom beach, Forge Of Empire, Invasion, ...
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    My first game was Lunar lander. It was played on a dot matrix printer. As I played the result would print out. You needed to enter the variables and then it would show you if you landed on the moon or crashed and burned.
    Yet I think you are looking for recent phone game and that would be clash of clans.....didn't last long there. Then DSF. or deep space fleet. That was good but again price was too much for reward. Then Invasion which needs to enhance it's pricing vs reward. It's difficult to keep up with those who spend there way to the top. And I'm someone who spends a lot.....

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    First game i played was sonic the hedgehog and alex kid in master system....plenty of game hours

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    First game I ever played was Atari's Pong
    Which quickly lead into many more games of strategy since 1982
    GrahamboSCPO Zone 73

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    My first game was AGE OF WARRING EMPIRE

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