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Thread: What are your expectations for Invasion?

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    More Diamonds, Speed Up The Construction & Marching

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    Zone 86

    *Thank you for being willing to make PvP at various hours
    Most of the French people on the Zone 86 cannot make the PvP
    Because it is always at 1 am in the morning ( French Hour)

    *And thus consequently thank you for not favoring any more the Chinese players concerning the events.
    Because has every Bug or maintenance of the Server , the only active players are the Chinese players (users of VPN switchers).

    *The compensations of server closure are not up to the majority of the players
    ( I don't care to have 30 minutes x3 for Update which makes the game crash )
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    Kingvitor #42

    Penso seria útil oferecerem mais vezes diamantes e a cela dores acima dos 24 horas 7 dias 30 dias pelo menos 1 vez mês! Atrai-a mais jogadores! Assim como eventos de alianças entre outros eventos! Agora sempre mesmos eventos mesmos prémios perde um pouco a diversão o jogo! Penso seria útil haver eventos alianças todos da mesma forma existe os outros eventos! E Mai prémios diferentes! Apostarem nun tradutor melhor assim como o jogo deixar encravar tanto


    King vitor by feh

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    Façam eventos alianças e mais prémios de aceleradores 7 dias assim como 30! Nunca recebi 1 em outros jogos são oferecidos pelo menos 1 vez mês!

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    I wish Invasion have more female commanders to choose from rather than just three. I feel it is kind of sexist where men have more choices and women do not.

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    Les batailles entre alliance d'une même zone sont intéressantes pour la conquête du monument mais des confrontations avec d'autres zones seraient motivantes. Zone contre zone existe mais alliance d'1 zone contre alliance d'1 autre zone pourrait donner plus d'expérience aux commandants. Des pvp inter zone avec accès à tous

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    It would be AWESOME if you would initiate a trade-in program for units where you could trade lower level units for higher level units once the higher level is unlocked and researched.
    Example: 3-t1's for 1-t2, 5-t2's for 1 t3, etc...

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    Improve your defence wall against hackers

    There are to many that manage to break thru and makes the game unfair to others!!! Make my wish come true, give me a billion power and I'll kick them out for you

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    ZvZ every other Friday would be nice for 2016 this would also allow us enough time to grow after each ZvZ that would be nice. and bigger prizes is also something I think is lacking right now specially for regular PvP events. other wise great game Tap4fun keep up good work and we players who pay to play will keep playing and paying

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