I've read a few threads on pvps and some player's complaints on how some players participate in PvP events. However, my idea is better train everyone for pvp AND! add a 24/7 PvP Battlefield in the More tab. It's not like the regular PvP event BUT it's similar to the War Simulator where instead of using tokens to train on troops, we have access to a isolated "training battlefield map" (means only participant's bases are visible and no rss fields or territory tiles are visible) and where players can compete in squads of 4 bases against other squads or individually (within their guilds or with other guilds) to specifically learn how to participate and perform well as a team in actual real PvP events!

I'm looking at this PvP Battlefield as a training ground where only Bases leveled 10 and over can participate at any time (in squads of 4 make up 2 teams that can schedule a friendly war?) and players can take part anytime (and I recommend troop losses cannot permanently apply here but the battlefield should generate a report as to what a realistic troop loss would have looked like at the end of the war). I stress again that this battlefield can be a training ground to encourage players to take part in PvP events and learn to enjoy it more as a team (even earn some minimal "winner rewards" in the process?) Just an idea that I think should thin out the hard from the whinners and the winners!