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    Some Request

    Could be established a deadline of wait to enter an alliance ?
    Far too many players switch Alliance to Fake their scores

    Secondly, thank you for ' be more attentive to the Multi-accounts,
    When you see on a zone, a player (Chinese) with 15 accounts, it becomes limit cheating and no FairPlay

    Well, he is Chinese thus Tap4Fun says nothing

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    I'm aware that you most likely speak another language and have a little trouble with English, but I'll attempt to reply in a way you can understand.

    What I suggest doing for this matter is to go In-game, click More, and then contact them via Customer Service.


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    Can you explain what you mean by switching alliances to fake scores? Also I wouldn't consider having multiple accounts abusing the system. They have to play on all accounts to keep them active and I'm sure they work on leveling them up. Its a strategy of playing the game in my opinion.

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    I believe he's confused. The TOS don't prevent multiple accounts, as this would be bad business. However,TOSdoes not allow buying and selling of accounts.

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