It is truly getting sickening the way cheaters and exploiters are allowed to continue to play without any repercussions, while the rest of the gaming community suffers.

First, there was a SEVERE rash of players who exploited the Guild Event function in Zones 5 & 6, (probably others) which led to some players acquiring 1000 30minute speedups or more. The result, those players gained incredible power, not to mention diamonds and other rewards from other regular events. Tap4fun's response: discontinue Guild Events in at least zone 5 & 6 for over two months!!! The players who not only grossly exploited the mechanic but distributed the information to others so that they could exploit this mechanic as well, NOTHING!!! That's correct, not a single player suffered any repercussions of any kind! And yes, not only was the issue reported to Tap4fun, but the names of the main players, as well as screenshots of communications sent by players instructing others how to exploit the mechanic.

Second: Several players have now taken advantage of Apple to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This refers to the purchasing of game packs through the Apple Store and then requesting a refund because the purchases were "a mistake." This has allowed several players to acquire thousands of diamonds, speedups, resources, etc. for free. Because of this several players have been able to jump exponentially in power in the span of a couple weeks. It is blatantly obvious when a player that has been playing for months suddenly doubling or tripling their power within a two-week time span. ( One player in zone 6 was struggling at around 45mil power and no where near unlocking T4 and is now over 200mil power with over 1million T4 units all within about three weeks. ) Sure, his profile shows a VIP level of 11, which means he bought diamonds and that would be that; however, he posted HOW he acquired all those diamonds FREE. Not only did he brag about exploiting Apple and Tap4fun, but was disseminating how he did it and posting it on Line, in game emails, and other channels to that others could also cheat. Again, Tap4fun was notified of this, and screenshots of the player detailing his scam were also supplied to Tap4fun, and even the players bogus refund requests to Apple included. Tap4funs response: They would take NO ADVERSE ACTION against the cheating players!!!

Here is the real slap in the face to all you honest players of this game. Tap4fun stated, and there are copies of this response posted in several places, they would take no action not because of a lack of evidence but because the players have not cheated 3 times. WHAT THE F.....!!! So apparently Tap4fun has a 3-strike rule, you are free to exploit the game mechanics, commit credit card fraud, wire fraud, etc. and acquire thousands of diamonds as long as you do not do so three times!!

Lesson: Tap4fun could literally care less if you a cheater as long as you only cheat twice. Unbalanced play is apparently only lip service. When I heard, and saw the evidence, I was appalled as a player. I have since stopped playing and supporting this immoral company. I will NEVER play one of their games again and am seriously considering legal action in light of the official companies response to its acceptance of players engaging in criminal activity to gain an unfair advantage in the game.